Hrvatski savez gluhih i nagluhih (Croatian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, HSGN) and the Lietuvos kurciuju draugija (Lithuanian Deaf Association, LKD) are the national Deaf associations in Croatia and Lithuania that gather more than 17000 deaf and hard of hearing persons. With this project these two organizations want to make positive impact both on their organizational scope (project and training management) but also on their educational scope (improving skills and knowledge and acquiring new ones). This project will expand the activities representing the rights of the Deaf in a new way.Also, it will improve collaboration with institutions, sign language interpreters, entities that promote the rights of persons with disability and international partners.

The objectives we want to achieve:

  • Inclusion – the Deaf will have the best system and service of sign language interpreters as well as the same personal and professional rights and opportunities as hearing people, including being able to be sign language interpreters.
  • To introduce digital tools accessible for the Deaf community, e.g. training modules in video format.
  • To improve the training content for deaf sign language interpreters.
  • To decrease the gap between deaf and hearing sign language interpreters.
  • To make society and public institutions aware of the existence and the needs of the Deaf community.

According to the needs and objectives of Croatian and Lithuanian Deaf associations that are part of their social and work activities, these are activities that will fullfil project’s objectives:

  • preparation of the Training module for deaf and hearing sign language interpreters (coordination, knowledge and experience exchange between hearing and deaf interpreters),
  • implementation of training modules in Croatia and Lithuania,
  • preparation of training module in accessible video format,
  • web page design and project dissemination.