Hrvatski savez gluhih i nagluhih (CROATIA)

Croatian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HSGN) was established in 1921. It gathers 22 basic organizations, which provide assistance for over 13.000 members. Our organization cares and carries out activities for about 80.000 deaf and hard of hearing persons in Croatia. From its establishment, HSGN was supporting programs of rehabilitation and protection for the deaf and hard of hearing persons, and is especially committed to solving problems of communication, education and employment of deaf and hard of hearing population. HSGN is working closely with relevant Croatian ministries and other governmental bodies through various projects and programs of general national interest. HSGNs’ President is a member of the Government Committee for Persons with Disabilities as well as many other government based working groups that propose regulations.

Lietuvos Kurciuju Draugija (LITHUANIA)

Lithuanian Association of the Deaf (LKD) was established in 1938. It is a non-profit organization, representing the Deaf and people with various hearing impairments. The association unites 11 deaf organizations in various cities in Lithuania, in total there are more than 4000 Deaf members. The main activities of LKD: to support and represent rights of the Deaf, to take care of social guarantees, access to information and other environments, to solve social and independence skills development, employment problems, to organize staff development, to promote deaf culture and use of sign language, to provide psychological help, to conduct public education. We have 12 paid employees who 8 of them are deaf or hard of hearing or other knows Lithuanian sign language very well.

Foro De Formacion y Ediciones (SPAIN)

Foro de Formación y Ediciones (Training and Editions Forum) was founded in 1998 with the aim to provide high quality services as a backstone of their activities. In 2000 they enlarged their field of activities and included the management of training activities and consulting projects. As part of their mission and vision, and as a result of the upcoming needs arising in the field of vocational training, the organisation launched its “On-line Training Platform” in 2001. But FFE was already awarded for its “System Management Quality (under ISO 9001)”. Since then, continuous improvement has been supported by other certifications of their
management systems. In 2008 they integrated their Environmental Management System under ISO 14001 and their Health
and Safety at Work Management System under the OHSAS 18001 in one single system.