Our project in brief

According to the World Federation of the Deaf Charter on Sign Language Rights for All “National sign languages are full, complex natural languages with the same linguistic properties as spoken languages, including phonetic, phonemic, syllabic, morphological, syntactic, discourse, and pragmatic levels of organization. They are the mother tongue and the natural languages of deaf children. They are the vector of the inclusion of deaf children both in deaf communities and in society, fostering the building of their own identities and communities.”HSGN and LKD want to promote Croatian sign language and Lithuanian sign language as mother tongues of their countries but also to promote diversity of Deaf culture in different countries.Unlike oral languages that use the auditory channel, sign languages are visual-gestural, using hands, facial and body expression, articulating signs to represent ideas rather than words.

The Council of Europe, on 1 April 2003, urged its member states to officially recognize sign languages as the main means of social integration for deaf people in Europe.According to World Federation of the Deaf, there are more than 200 sign languages in the world and just 66 countries that have achieved Sign Language Legislation, among them are Lithuania (1995) and Croatia (2015). According to the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) “Deaf Interpreter may be needed when the communication mode of a deaf consumer is so unique that it cannot be adequately accessed by interpreters who are hearing.”As much as deaf organizations promote sign languages and sign language interpreters, it still needs the promotion. We promote hearing sign language interpreters and the society is slowly being aware of their need. But, as WASLI mentions, there is a need for deaf sign language interpreters that HSGN and LKD want to promote and advocate to be inclusive society which we all aspire.


Preparation of the Training module for deaf and hearing sign language interpreters

All the partners will work together...
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Creation of intergenerational workshops

All training materials of the training modules...
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Preparation of training module in accessible video format

All training materials of the training modules ...
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Web page design and project dissemination

Project partners will make project website that will be used as news server of the project...
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